Milburn Flooring is very thorough and understands the importance of starting a job the right way to maximize the results for a durable and long-lasting system.  Each job is met with a fresh eye to ensure that the best solutions are implemented based on the specific needs, environment and usage of each job site. 

• On-Site Floor Inspections
• Sports Floor Specifications
• Estimating & Budgeting
• Project Scheduling
• Game-Line Layout
• Custom Logo Design
• Game-Line & Logo Color Selection


The expertise and comprehensive planning that is provided prior to each installation is what ensures every Sports Flooring job is done meticulously yet seamless and on schedule. The skills and craftsmanship brought to each installation is what built the Milburn Flooring name why our Sports Flooring services are unmatched.

• Wood Flooring Systems
• Synthetic Flooring Systems
• Project Management
• Demo of Existing Flooring
• Disposal of Existing Flooring
• Game-Lining Application
• Custom Logo Application
• Screen & Re-coat
• Sand & Refinish
• Floor Anchor Installation
• Floor Repairs
• Self-Leveling